Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Win! The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge Giveaway

{Brought to you by Lose Baby Weight}
We have joined forces with The Healthy Mummy to give three lucky followers the chance to join September’s The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge!

Now I am the first to admit that post baby, I am never in too much of a rush to shed the weight gained through pregnancy. I find that while of course I would love to fit back in to my pre-pregnancy clothes, that I would prefer to spend the first few months spending time with bub (and sleeping). Those first few months really do go far too quick ,and I am usually a tad tired to be worried about exercise and diet!! But now that we are at the 7 month mark (can you believe?!), I am looking forward to starting to get back in to some sort of a routine again so that I can get back in to my 'old favourites' in time for summer!
This amazing little program has been designed in conjunction with the best nutritionists, postnatal exercise physiologists, midwives, and most importantly - mums! The program is not only safe, affordable and personalised, but it is one that you can actually follow, stick to and manage to fit in to your busy daily life as well.

The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weigh Loss Challenge is the perfect way for mums to lose weight, get fit and healthy, and support each other along the way.

The program features includes:

- Over one hundred 30 Minute Meals – designed by The Healthy Mummy’s expert dietitians and nutritionists
- A focus on a balanced and healthy diet – it does not cut out any food groups which I love!
- Family Friendly Recipes – the meals can easily be increased to feed the whole family which is just brilliant
- Convenient shopping lists – a shopping list that can be ordered online to save you time (and money!)
- Convenient exercises – no gym membership or equipment required; you can do everything at home at a time that suits you, with step-by-step images on how to do each exercise
- Achievable results – 28 days is a much more realistic target in my view
- An online support team and tracking dashboard, available 7 days a week – including a timer for interval training, both private and open forums, and daily tips.
To enter the giveaway, simply enter via the Rafllecopter prompts below. Entrants simply have to like the Utterly Organised Facebook Page - couldn't be easier.

Enter Here

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Terms & Conditions

- The giveaway will be hosted by Rafflecopter and is open to Australian residents only
- The announcement of the lucky winners (x 3) will be made on the Utterly Organised Facebook Page
- The lucky winners (x 3) will have 5 days to contact Utterly Organised and claim their prize
- Failure to claim prize within designated period will result in another winner being drawn
- Entrants must like the Utterly Organised Facebook Page. Failure to comply with entry requirements will result in an entrants entry being disqualified
- Any questions on the competition can be directed to  
Of course if you’d rather sign up to The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge straight away, visit the Lose Baby Weight website here. Don't delay as this kicks off on the 1st of September - can't believe just how close that is!

Saturday, 16 August 2014

The 2015 Ikea Catalogue is now OUT!

The boys are out, Miss C is taking a nap (it is a miracle!) and I am about to check out the latest  2015 Ikea Australia Catalogue...

If you are just as excited as me, you can check it out yourself online here.
I am told that the actual hard copy hits stores in a few weeks. I love to have this little 'bible' in a safe spot on my desk for year round access - there is something I still love about physical magazines or catalogues compared to online - anyone else?
What are your favourites from the new range?
With a few new rooms to plan, I will be sure to post back with a few of mine - watch this space!!
Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Introducing Alphatise - a new way to shop!

Brought to you by Nuffnang and Alphatise
There is only one thing that I love more than shopping and that is...bargain shopping of course! If you are a regular around here and follow my Facebook page, you'll know that I am always on the hunt for a good old fashioned 'steal' when it comes to shopping. So when I heard about 'Alphatise' I was pretty darn excited.
Alphatise is the newest way to shop, and the concept is pretty simple - as a buyer, you simply log on to the website (or download the app) and search for what you want to buy.
Once you have found what it is that you are after (using a very straight forward navigation tool), you simply place a 'wish' on an item. A 'wish' is basically an intention to buy an item - but this is where the bargain fun begins! As a buyer, you get to tell the seller just how much you are prepared to pay for the item you want! How is that for putting you in the drivers seat?!  

The seller is then notified about your intention to purchase, and if the demand is there and the price is right, then you will be notified and the transaction will take place - talk about finally giving the buyer the power to decide how much to pay!! I absolutely love that you get to haggle without having to deal with the daggy salesman or feeling bad about asking for a discount!
Not only can you 'wish' on actual products, but you can also 'wish' on store discounts too. I have already popped my wishes in on my favourite stores such as Seed, Country Road and even Ikea too!

Now I can't wait to see if my 'wishes' are granted, because I do have pretty extensive wish lists at these stores for Spring/Summer let me tell you!! 

If you love a good bargain as much as me, then you are going to want to check Alphatise out!

Already tried it? Love to hear what bargain buys you have picked up in the comments below.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

And the Winner of the $50 Woolies Gift Card is...

A big congrats to you Sapna, please email me at with your address details so we can get this amazing prize out to you!
If you missed out, please feel free to check out and enter the latest giveaway right here.

Project Extension: Week 3 & 4 - We have a slab!

Well all was a bit quiet on the project front during week 3, we had a little bit of digging, but not a lot else due to a mix up with the dates and the concrete truck (yep another mix up!). 
Yep a new side fence is also on the cards... once I find that money tree!
I must admit, noise aside, I am really missing that digger. As you can see from the above, the digger provided hours on end of free babysitting and how I loved that!!
Week 4 was a wee bit more productive and we finally had our slab laid... 

The above picture shows the extra space that we are adding on to our existing lounge area. This 'new space' that you can see will form an open play area.

The above picture shows a bit of the lounge room that you saw above. But looking forward it shows the space that will be used for the new bedroom (top left), the new entrance hall, the mudroom and my walk in robe.
The slab has made me see a bit more clearly just how big the spaces are going to be - I must admit seeing things on paper does nothing for me! I am a bit worried that the spaces will be too small, but I am assured that they will look bigger once the frame and bricks (which sit outside of the slab) are done.
As you can see, we still have our ugly old bay windows still in. I must admit that I am relishing the privacy (and warmth) for now - who knows what week 5 will bring?!!
I have received a few messages asking me if we plan to live here throughout the extension and the answer is unfortunately - yes! Though because of the construction in our bedroom, we plan to all move in to Mr B's room for a month, I am sure this will cause a few sleepless nights.
Anyone else building, renovating or doing anything else silly like us?! Love to hear how it is all going for you...