Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter at Our Place

I cannot believe that Easter is over and done with for another year. I already went a bit mad tonight and stripped the house of the decorations, all packed away for 2015 along with a few new ones that I nabbed in the Easter clearance sales over the weekend.
This was Miss C's first Easter and the third Easter for Mr B (who turned two in December). However this year is the first year that I think Mr B understood a little bit of what was going on. I guess the Easter Bunny is a little harder to explain to littlies, as you don't see him out and about like you do Santa at every local shopping centre!!
This year we put together Easter baskets for both Miss C and Mr B (using the Pottery Barn Kids baskets that I blogged about here) that looked like this:

Miss C received a Skip Hop Plate and Bowl Set (The Kidstore had the set on sale for $13.95), a Kate Finn Pony Rattle and a Mini Girl Bunny from Bed, Bath and Table (reduced to $3.50).

Mr B received Gumboots from Kidstore (on sale for $10.50, but silly mummy picked up the wrong size!), a Wiggles DVD (which has already been seen on repeat), a Peppa Pig Puppet Book, a Ball and a small Peter Rabbit Easter Egg.
Mummy didn't fare too badly either. The Easter Bunny didn't disappoint me with my annual Lindt Bunny (super impressed with the personalisation!) and Humpty Dumpty Egg fix - both of which are long gone (self control, chocolate and I just don't mix!).
I cannot stop eating chocolate but figure I have until Tuesday to worry about that diet... anyone else?!! Hope you all had a Happy Easter too x

Friday, 18 April 2014

Super Easy Honeycomb Ice Cream Slice Recipe

A few weeks ago I was on the lookout for a recipe to serve up to our friends that joined us for a night of take away at our place - I am definitely not ambitious enough to be cooking up a dinner party two months post baby!
These days I am lucky if I get 3 minutes to do anything without someone needing me for a feed, fresh nappy or to put the Wiggles on, so a super easy recipe it needed to be. I stumbled across this recipe with only 4 ingredients and very little preparation needed, so it looked like a winner!
One of my first jobs post university was at a well known ice cream manufacturers (true story). It was the best job and meant plenty (and I mean plenty) of free ice cream. To this day I am still a huge ice cream fan (Ben and Jerry's Fhish Food gets me every time!), so this slice was right up my alley and let's face it who doesn't love ice cream?!
Little Easter Note: If you have Easter Eggs laying about, you could forgo the honeycomb and crush up some of your Easter Eggs (caramel filled ones would be divine!). 

  • 250g Malt Biscuits (I used Arnotts Malt O Milk
  • 4 x 50g Violet Crumble or Crunchie Bars
  • 600ml Thickened Cream
  • 1 x 395g tin of Condensed Milk

1. Grease and line a lamington pan with baking paper (the original recipe calls for two pans, however I decided to use the one and make the slice a bit thicker)
2. Layer malt biscuits over the base of the prepared pan

3. With a Mixmaster, Kitchen Aid or Electric Beaters, whisk cream until soft peaks form
4. Pour condensed milk on top of cream mixture and continue to beat until firm
5. Crush 3 of the Honeycomb Bars and fold in to cream mixture (taking extreme care not to eat one!)
6. Pour cream mixture over the top of the biscuit base and smooth down. Crush remaining Honeycomb Bar and sprinkle over the top of the mixture
7. Pop in freezer until set (overnight is perfect if you can)

Sadly I forgot to take a photo once it was all cut up, but it was delicious!
I definitely recommend leaving out of the freezer for at least 5 minutes or more before serving, as I served mine immediately and it was a tad hard to get a spoon through.
Tried this recipe? Love to hear how you enjoyed it!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Extension Plans and a Look at our Kitchen Renovation

Well around here it has been all systems go for our extension plans. Drawings are finalised, documents submitted to council, finance sorted and finalising the costs and schedule with the builder this week - yikes. Now the waiting and real fun begins! Meanwhile I am just counting down the days til that walk in robe is mine...
After my last post, I had a lovely reader contact me asking me if I would share some of the past renovation projects that we have done over the years. Unfortunately not all of our past renos have been well documented via pics, but I do have a few sneaky peeks of our kitchen renovations.
Don't you just love the styling in the before pic - masking tape, rotten banana and a glass of water?!!
Our kitchen was done 6 years ago now and I still love it today. Which is amazing in itself because I tend to be the type of person that as soon as a project is complete, I am a little 'over' the colour scheme, the design or I have renovators remorse (please tell me I am not the only one here?!). But I am pleased to say that this has stood the test of time. Which I more than I can say for the range hood in this picture - it sadly kicked the bucket last week - note to self not to buy Fisher & Paykel appliances again!!
Any major renos happening or happened in your neck of the woods? I would love to hear all about it.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Kiinde Twist Starter Kit Giveaway

Well hello there! In case you missed it, earlier on in the week I popped up my review on the Kiinde Twist Starter Kit that I was send to road test.
Today it is your turn to nab a freebie, as I have one Kiinde Twist Starter Kit to give away to one of you lovely folk to try out for yourself.
If you have a friend or family member that is pregnant or already has a little one, be sure to send them this way as this prize is just the thing for all new or expecting Mum's!
Win a Kiinde Twist Starter Kit! RRP $79.95
Kiinde supplies the simplest range of products to collect, organise, store, prepare and feed breastmilk and is now available in Australia from select retailers and at
* Kiinde Twist Pouches are direct-pump breast milk storage bags that provide the toughness and leak-proof guarantee of a bottle combined with the low cost and compact size of disposable breast milk storage bags
* Pouches twist-lock into pumps from ALL major brands for leak-proof, transfer free pumping
* Collect, store and feed using the same puch
* No need to pour milk from bags to bottles
* Recycle after use - no dirty dishes!
* Leak-proof twist locking cap 
Entry is below via Rafflecopter and please note that this giveaway is only open to Australian residents this time (sorry!).
Good luck!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Kiinde Twist Starter Kit Review

Every once in a while you come across a product so brilliant that you just think to yourself - this is amazing, I should have thought of that! Well the Kiinde Twist Starter Kit is one of those products.
I was sent this product to try a few weeks ago, and it was darn good timing too! I was preparing to haul the breast pump out to try the little lady on a bottle, in readiness for a wedding that we went to over the weekend. I always find the whole expressing, pump, bottle scenario a tad tedious, so a product promising to simplify this was just up my alley.
So what is the Kiinde Twist Starter Kit you ask? Well in a nutshell it is kit designed to take the hard work out of collecting, storing, organising, preparing and feeding your breastmilk. Quite simply, they have developed a 'pouch' that is designed to twist on with most major breaspumps on the market. I have a Medela Swing Pump and it fits like a dream.

Instead of messing about with bottles, pouches and then bottles again, you simply hook the pouch up to your pump, express away and then pop in to your organising unit in the fridge or freezer. When it comes time to use up your milk, there is no need to mess about pouring back in to bottles. No, no. All you need to do is simply snap the pouch directly on to their specially made feeding bottles and away you go - simple!
This unit would be brilliant for those that express regularly, or have returned back to work but continue to express to feed their little ones while away. This product is new here is Australia and you can check it out at these retailers across the country.
Like to try? Well you are in luck as I have one Kiinde Twist Stater Kit valued at $79.95 for one lucky reader to try out for theselves. Stay tuned to the blog this week...
What baby or toddler products could you not live without? I absolutely love my Medela Swing Pump, my baby swing and the Wiggles DVD's are a real saviour at the moment!!!

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Major Changes at Our Place

When we purchased our humble abode all of 7 years ago, the plan was to live here until we had our first child and then look for something a wee bit bigger. But over the years (and countless renovations), not only have we become attached to the area we live in, but we have fallen in love with our home.
There has been a lot of blood sweat and tears over the years let me tell you! We have renovated every single room, painted every single surface and replaced nearly everything that was here when we moved in. We also extended the once small house to add on an extra living area and a small study nook (my little office) before the kidlets arrived.
Yup I have lived through a lot of this! Image Source: My place!!
Buy boy just when we thought we had done everything and had everything, kids came along... For those with bambinos of their own, you'll understand that you just have no idea just how much space you are going to need for all of the bells and whistles that come with kids - namely toys!!
So here we are all of 7 years later making plans for our next and final (it better be!!) extension. The plans are being drawn up as I type, and my nails are being bitten in anticipation of what is going to be a crazy few months once the work starts mid year.
So what's in store?

Well firstly we are extending our existing lounge area to incorporate a play area for the kids at the rear. I am imagining additional toy storage, large play/craft table and enough room to be able to set up larger play items such as a tepee and kitchen etc.
Next up, we are adding on an extra bedroom (it will be a 4th bedroom) to use as a study area for the kids down the track (and probably a dumping ground for now!)
We are also adding on a storage area/mudroom (only realised I needed this once I discovered Pinterest mind you!). This will run off our new entrance hall with new entry passage.

How is this for a mudroom/storage room?! Image Source: Pinterest
And finally I am fulfilling my lifelong dream of having a walk in closet (at the moment I have a walk through type scenario - not quite the same!). This part probably excites me the most, as right now I have a big double door wardrobe with two rails that is bursting at the seams. In addition to this I have a wardrobe full of shoes (you can read about this here) and another wardrobe with clothes all residing in our garage - cannot wait to organise everything inside again.
I wish!!! Image Source: Pinterest
This had better be it because I just don't think we could live through (or afford) another extension. It will be interesting to see how we survive this one with kids in the picture. Anyone done any major work with kids/babies? How did it go?
So that is it, hopefully we will be creating our complete dream home. What about you? Are there things that you wish that you could do differently at your place? What would you love to have? A dream closet? A craft room? Love to hear...
Have a dream renovation or extension of your own to plan? Why not see how Yes Loans can make your dreams come true.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Where to Buy Items for Mr B's Toddler Room Makeover

Firstly a BIG thank you for all of the kind comments I received on Mr B's Toddler Bedroom Makeover post. I received a number of emails and comments asking for further information on items in the room, so I hope that this post addresses everything!!
Bed and Bedding
Our Bed is a Single Size. We purchased this through Captain Snooze and the style is  called Drover Bed Frame. They always seem to have a great sale on these every few months, so definitely worth waiting til it rolls around (if you can!).
The single bed mattress is from Sleepmaker and my goodness me it is so comfy (I can say that because I spent a few nights on here while I was pregnant and B was in our bed!).

Sleepmaker really do take the tough work out of selecting mattresses, with their fabulous online mattress selector tool. It is a fabulous  resource for selecting the right mattress for your body, needs and most importantly your budget.

The bedding is from Olli Ella and the design is the Poppet Single Bed Set. I purchased this online through the Linen Nursery and the lady who runs this (Drue) is absolutely gorgeous to deal with.
Soft Furnishings
The bunting and cushion (and little Easter rabbit on the ladder shelf) are from Milly Molly Mandy. If you haven't seen Shannon's creations, do yourself a favour and check out her page, I am a HUGE fan! I have worked with Shannon twice now and she is just fabulous to bounce ideas off to create the perfect space.
The letter B (on the door) is from Cheekee Monkeez. Nicole is another Aussie Mum with a fabulous little business.
The Chevron mat on the bedside table is actually a placemat from good old K-Mart for around the 3 buck mark. When I saw it I knew it would fit perfect with the navy chevron theme.
Small Furniture
The Ladder Shelf and Tree Coat Rack are from Mocka. K-Mart also have a very similar Tree Coat Rack that retails for $15 - bargain!
The Train Table is from K-Mart and it is an absolute steal for $39. It includes 60 pieces with the table and has made a brilliant present for Mr B - what a clever and thrifty man that Santa Claus is!
The Bedside Table and Slim Tallboy Chest are from the Ikea Hemnes Bedroom Range.
I really found it hard to decide between their 3 drawer chest or the 5 drawer chest (which we purchased in the end) and deliberated on this for weeks. In the end I decided that the slim unit would allow more play space for the little man, and it ended up being a great decision.

By selecting the slim unit, we now have the space for the ladder shelf and the train table where the wider unit would have had to live. The slim unit we managed to fit at the foot of the bed - it was meant to be!
The Digger Canvas was selected by Mr B himself from Adairs Kids. We nabbed it just prior to Christmas at 50% off for $12.50 - bargain! I haven't seen this design around for a little bit, but they have other super cute designs for little boys (and girls), so be sure to check your local store.
The 3 frames are Ikea Ribba Frames.
The Shine like the Stars print is from Billy and Scarlet via Etsy.
The Birth print was purchased from Mosie Posies via Etsy (way back when I did the nursery).
The Places you Will Go print is from Olli Ella and is designed to perfectly match the bedding range.
I truly hope that this covers all of the questions and items that you all wanted details for. However if I have missed anything, please feel free to comment below or contact me. I am still making 'tweaks' to the little ladies room, but I do promise that this will be up very soon...

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